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Fit 3D

Body Scan

The Fit 3D Body Scan is another tool to help our patients lose weight and see results. This cutting-edge technology creates a 3D replica of your body so you can track your progress.

We all struggle with body issues from time to time and sometimes the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s hard to see the small changes that may be happening when you’re following a weight loss program.

That’s why New Life Body Sculpting is excited to offer the Fit 3D Body Scan. This 40-second scan creates a 3D avatar of your body to help you visually track changes in your body circumference, measurements, posture, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and more.

It gives you a realistic view of your body and allows you to easily monitor and track the progress you’re making towards your weight loss goals right from your phone!

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Watch Your Body Transform and Your Weight and Inches Disappear!

See How it Works

Sample Fit 3D Report

fit 3d report

Our Fit3D Body Scan

  • Captures a 360-degree, full-body image of you.
  • Captures your important body measurements.
  • Saves your scans and measurements into a private, password-protected account that you can access at any time from your smartphone or computer.
  • See how your body is changing with high-quality 3D images
  • Evaluate and compare 3D images, posture, body shape, and body composition.

From losing weight to losing fat and inches, your Fit3D scan will show you how your body is changing and will help you see the progress that a scale can’t show you.

Are You Ready for a New Body, New Look, New Life?

Contact our Fort Wayne weight loss center today to get your Fit3D scan and start watching your weight and inches disappear!