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How Our Weight Loss Plan Works

The New Life Body Sculpting in Fort Wayne's Weight Loss / Fat loss Program trains your body to crave healthy foods in real-sized portions, which allows you to lose weight and keep it off. Our program will show you how to lose weight and lose belly fat without strenuous diet plans, workouts, or liposuction. We make losing weight fast, easy, and healthy!

  • The first few days of New Life, you eat as much as you want, the fattier the better, increasing your metabolism to burn fat quickly at a sky-rocketed rate.

  • Then you begin, enjoying vegetables, fruits, and lean meats such as poultry, beef, pork, fish, and even certain types of bread! Yes, you CAN eat bread! Real sized portions are enough to keep you full but energized enough to burn fat.

  • THE SCALE BECOMES YOUR FRIEND!!! Watching the pounds, fat, and inches melt away makes you feel successful and excited every day to continue to your end goal.*

Natural, Safe Weight Loss with No Hormones or Stimulants

New Life Body Sculpting in Fort Wayne combines a healthy low-calorie diet, supplemental drops, and state-of-the-art ZERONA laser treatment to help you melt away fat and inches quickly while detoxifying your body, increasing your metabolism and suppressing hunger and cravings. Most importantly, this program specifically targets body fat for weight loss. Keep your muscle, lose the fat!

You may have tried other diet plans such as Paleo, Atkins, Eco-Atkins, the South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and more without success. New Life's weight loss and fat loss program is not a fad diet. Follow the program, and you won’t just lose weight and inches, you will give yourself a brand new life.*

There are no meetings to attend, there is no prepackaged food to order, and no planning your newest workout. It is you against your fat and we're there to help you.


A Newer, Smaller You May Cause Side Effects!

We do want to warn you that losing weight and inches with the New Life Body Sculpting program may cause you to require a new wardrobe. Intense shopping for new clothes to fit the new you is a common side effect of the New Life Program.

Many of our clients report increased energy; you may also have a strong desire to try activities you couldn’t do before because of your weight (roller coaster rides, zip line).

Are you ready for a new body? A new look? A new life? Contact our Fort Wayne weight loss center today at (260) 471-1120.


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